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Waking up early isn’t so bad, right?

I seriously need to start waking up early.  It’s amazing all the things I can get done in the morning.  This means I have to go to bed earlier.  Used to, I would go to bed around 9, but this summer I’ve been staying up until 11 or 12 every night, which makes me sleep longer in the morning because I don’t skimp on sleep!  But now that my new job begins next week, I have to rework my sleeping habits!

I woke up at 5:30 today and did an hour on the elliptical, ate a banana, and showered before leaving the house at 7:15 this morning to go shadow the nanny whose place I will be taking next Tuesday.  I’m really excited about my new nanny family!  The kids are 5-year-old boy-girl twins, and they are so much fun!

So I shadowed the nanny for an hour and was home by 9.  (I have to go back at 4pm.)

Then I cut up peppers & onions, made a homemade fajita seasoning mix and dumped it all in the crockpot with frozen chicken breasts.  So lunch is cooking.

Then I made zucchini & raisin muffins for breakfast, which actually turned out quite well.  I made up the recipe, so I never really know if my concoctions will work or not!

And then I had breakfast.

So here it is only 10:30am, and I have already exercised, went to work, prepared lunch, baked muffins, ate breakfast, and posted on my blog.

Oh if every day could be this productive!  Let’s see if I can make that happen!

Do you find that you feel more prepared to take on the day when you wake up early?


Doughnuts & My Poor, Neglected Elliptical

It’s 11:30 am.  I’m sitting on the couch in my pajamas.  I can see my elliptical from the corner of my eye.  Unused.

It’s been a week now, and I haven’t exercised, which sucks even more considering I didn’t work much this week and actually had a huge amount of time to workout.  But I was lazy.

And I’ve eaten really bad this week, too.  Not bad enough to gain a lot of weight, but definitely bad enough to make me feel like crap.  I had Domino’s pizza – a medium – all by myself over the course of two meals.  Granted, it didn’t have cheese on it, but still.  And I had 2 cream sodas, which I never really drink.  And I also had a 10inch hoagie (no mayo or cheese, but still).  And a lot of Lay’s potato chips.  Oh, and let’s not forget the 3 1/2 doughnuts I had in one sitting.  I feel so gross.

It’s so easy to do sometimes.  A few posts back, I was talking about how getting out of my routine ruins me.

Well, consider me ruined.

Or maybe not ruined, but almost ruined.  I guess I am still in control of whether or not I’m ruined.

Funny thing is, I went on a road trip last weekend, and I even wrote a post about how I was going to eat healthy.  And it worked!  I actually ate great over the weekend.  It was just the coming home part that messed me up.

Sometimes it’s easy to look at your goals and want to quit.  They seem so far away, and you seem so out of it.  But the longer you look at your goals and do nothing, the further away they become.  And the further away they become, the more of a failure you think you are.  And the more of a failure you think you are, the easier it is to give up on your goals, because after all, they just seem so far away.  It’s a nasty cycle.

So I have a decision to make:  Stay comfy in my pajamas but feel like a failure.  OR.  Get my butt up, put on some yoga pants and work up a sweat and lessen the gap between me and my far-away goals….

I choose feeling good about myself.  I choose health.  I choose sweat.  I choose strength.

And besides, my yoga pants are much more comfy than my pajamas anyway.

And just like that…

It’s amazing how quickly I can get out of routine.  Is anyone else like that?

I didn’t exercise Saturday because I wanted a rest day, and then my rest day rolled over into Sunday too… and maybe Monday as well.

How does that happen to me every time?  I take a day off, and I end up taking much more than I should.  I’m annoyed.

So this morning I knew I wasn’t going to be able to workout until after dinner, and I hate waiting until the end of the day to exercise.  So I exercised before work at 5:15am… something I never do.

I should really start working out early in the morning more often, but I know myself well enough to know that I won’t keep up with that!

What I have decided to do, however, is to try to be active every day.  I don’t think rest days are for me because I don’t know how to take only one day off.  So on days where I should have a “rest”, I think I should still do 15 minutes of cardio or something, just so I don’t get out of routine.

Anyone else have trouble with rest days or just sticking to routines in general?  What works for you?  What doesn’t work for you?  I’d love some suggestions on how to form a habit and make it stick!