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Hi, I’m Laura, and I have fat to lose.

So this is my first post, a post I’ve put off for a week because I have no idea what to say for my very first one.  Nevertheless, I’m ready to begin.  I’ve always wanted to blog but never really took the time to do it, and it didn’t help that I never really knew what I should blog about.  I now realize it only makes sense to blog about something that I’m passionate about, something that hits very close to home for me, something that has influenced my life for twenty years, something that has brought me so much pain and so much revelation all at once…


And not just any fat. 

MY FAT – fat I’ve carried around far too long, fat I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained again, fat that I have allowed to weigh me down so much I never really lived a life I enjoyed, fat that I’m ready to lose and never wear again. 

Everyone has a story to tell, and each story in its own right is significant and important and worthy of telling and hearing.  This will be my story.  An open, vulnerable, real account of what it’s like to have fat, and what it’s like to lose it.  I want to document my journey of healthy living in hopes of encouraging others to do the same.  I’m finally ready to continue my weigh tloss journey (I’ve already lost 75 pounds!).  I’m finally ready to lose my insecurities and my weight in such a way that I don’t lose my mind in the process!  

I look forward to sharing my process with you – whether it’s an embarrassing story, or a healthy recipe, or a great success, or an awesome workout, or an inspiring quote or article.