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Oh The Places You’ll Go With Mango & Avocado!

2014-04-28 13.47.07

I love to cook, and I especially love to cook when I can make things quickly and in advance with just a few ingredients, which is what I did this weekend.  This time around, mango and avocado were my main ingredients, and I had to use them because they were about to spoil.

I boiled a dozen eggs.

*Tip: Boiled eggs are easier to peel when they aren’t super fresh, so I buy 2 dozen at a time and boil the second dozen the following week or so.

I took a few eggs and made avocado deviled eggs, which are really easy and fast to make!  Instead of mayo, I used half of an avocado, and I also used only 4 of the egg yolks instead of the 6 yolks to cut down on the fat and calories some.  I blended them together with some salt and pepper and a little lemon juice and then dusted the filled eggs with paprika.  I just spooned the filling in the eggs, but sometimes I pipe the filling if I want them to look extra pretty.

The other boiled eggs will be eaten as snacks or with breakfast the rest of the week.

2014-04-28 13.47.34

With the other half of the avocado, I made an avocado and mango salsa. I also made homemade corn tortilla chips that aren’t pictured here.  Super easy!

The salsa ingredients & directions:

1. Mash 1/2 avocado with a few splashes of lemon (or lime) juice

2. Dice jalapenos (however hot you like it), one tomato, 1/4 of a red onion, and 1/2 of a mango

3. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and mix all together

The corn tortilla chip ingredients & directions:

1. Cut corn tortillas into 6ths or 4ths and brush each side with olive oil (I only used 1 tablespoon for all of the chips.)

2. Bake in a 325 degree oven for 10-12 minutes.

They were a little too crunchy, but I’m guessing if I only baked them for 10 minutes instead of 12 they would’ve been perfect!

2014-04-28 13.47.56

With the other half of the mango, I just cut it up and put it away for a smoothie later that weekend.

Lastly, I made a simple chicken salad that had nothing to do with avocados or mangoes.  However, I’m guessing a chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo, and using bits of mango mixed in would be rather tasty, too!

Anyway, I just mixed together:

shredded chicken breast (a 2.5 serving-sized can) or you could use fresh chicken breast!

with 1 tablespoon of safflower mayo (or regular) (It’s a bit more dry than a typical chicken salad, but it really cuts down on the calories.

1 cup of sliced grapes,

and 1/4 cup of diced red onion (the same onion from the salsa).

I added salt, pepper, and celery salt.  Sorry, I don’t really measure anything so I’m not positive on the amounts of spices.  I eat mine with gluten free table crackers, but it’d be equally good with spinach or on bread.

2014-04-28 13.47.40I never really added up the calories for each recipe, but I know all of them were low-calorie & delicious!

What do you enjoy cooking that is easy and healthy?  Or what kinds of ingredients do you like to use for several different recipes at a time?  I’d love to hear from you!!


Road Trips = Crappy Food… or Does it?

So I’m going on a road trip tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited.

10 hour drives suck though.

And it’s way too easy to eat junk food from gas stations or McDonald’s, but in reality, eating the high fat, over-processed, sugary crap makes the trip that much worse for me.

Who wants to have a sugar crash at hour 4?  Not me!  Who wants to have to stop to pee after downing the 44 oz soda?  Not me!  Who wants to deal with the queasy stomach and stinky gas from the bean burrito from Taco Bell?  Not me!

I want the road trip to go as smoothly (and quickly!) as possible.  I’m amazingly able to take a 10 hour road trip and only stop once half way to fill up the gas tank and use the restroom.  That’s my plan for this trip as well.

My goal: to get there stopping only once, but more importantly, to have a happy stomach and plenty of energy!

My plan: packing my own food and drinks!

I’m only drinking water (but I’m not drinking much of it, because I don’t want to pee every other minute).  I’ve found it works if I occasionally sip the water for the first few hours and drink maybe an entire bottle an hour before I stop for a break, that way I’m getting enough water but in a strategic manner.

As for food, I packed homemade chicken salad with crackers, grapes, celery, carrots, apples, bananas, granola bars, peeled boiled eggs, oatmeal muffins, fruit snacks, and baked chips.  This nice variety will give me enough for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

I’m ready for my healthy-eating road trip!

I haven’t seen my family for six months, and I am so ready to meet my newest niece Ruby (4 months old) and see my other nieces (Zoey, Millie, Alba, & Olivia) and my nephew (Wyatt) and the rest of my family too!

I’m not going to worry about exercising, though I probably should.  But as long as I’m eating healthy, I won’t feel too bad.

How do you eat healthy on the go?  What are your go-to foods and exercises for when you aren’t home?