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Just a Saturday Evening…

I’m getting semi-excited about September. I’m really confident that I can meet my goals this time!

With that said, I just finished a meal from KFC… don’t ask why, but I did. I don’t really feel bad about it because I had been craving it and used it as my cheat meal, but my stomach… oh my stomach. Fried foods just don’t work for me… at all!

My tastes and preferences are changing, so that’s good. The fried chicken (1 leg, 1 thigh) was super fatty and wasn’t so great, but the biscuits (2) and a small side of mac & cheese and mashed potatoes & gravy were really good! But overall, I probably would have enjoyed a nice piece of pan-fried salmon instead. Lesson learned 🙂

August Over Already?

September is almost here, which means my August goals are coming to an end.  I’ve been thinking of what goals I want to do for September.

I don’t think I’m going to do a goal of blogging every day this time.  I blew that goal out of the water, thankfully!  I literally don’t think I’ve ever done anything consistently for a month straight.  So goal accomplished.

Ben had a goal of writing TWO novels in August, and he is going to accomplish his goal!  I think that’s pretty amazing to be able to write that much in such a short amount of time.  And the writing is wonderful, too!  Hopefully he gets another published book out of it!

My goal of getting under 200 lbs is nowhere close to being completed, but it was unrealistic anyway.  So my September goal is going to involve more weight loss.  I’m still 22 lbs away from 200 lbs, which is much more than I would have liked, but it is what it is.

So for September, I’m not even going to try to lose the lbs.  I just want to get past my 100 lbs lost mark, which means I want to weigh at most 211 by October 1st.  That’s only about 11 lbs to lose, so I can do that!  I hope, at least.

I go back to work in September, and my schedule is going to be rather busy, so as long as I mindfully plan workouts and actually stick to it, then I will be fine.

So my September goals:

1. Weigh 211 by October 1st

2. Blog 3x a week

3. Drink at least 100 oz of water a day (I really need to drink more water.  I’m always parched at the end of the day!)

I’ve never set goals by the month and actually stuck by them the entire time.  I think it helps keep me focused, so hopefully September’s goals will all be accomplished!

How did your August goals turn out?

Jiggles are a good thing!


I saw this on Pinterest and it made me smile.  When I first started working out with Ben, I would always get so discouraged because all of my fat jiggled so much.  I would want to quit because I didn’t want to feel it (or hear it… those thighs can make loud slapping noises sometimes!).  I would use it as a reminder that I was fat.

But he always told me to use it as motivation, that every time I felt the jiggle to remember that it’s the fat coming off of me.

I still jiggle, but I can tell it’s a little less jiggling now.  And then it will be less… and less… and less….

So don’t worry about the jiggle.  Making it jiggle is going to make it disappear a lot faster!

Waking up early isn’t so bad, right?

I seriously need to start waking up early.  It’s amazing all the things I can get done in the morning.  This means I have to go to bed earlier.  Used to, I would go to bed around 9, but this summer I’ve been staying up until 11 or 12 every night, which makes me sleep longer in the morning because I don’t skimp on sleep!  But now that my new job begins next week, I have to rework my sleeping habits!

I woke up at 5:30 today and did an hour on the elliptical, ate a banana, and showered before leaving the house at 7:15 this morning to go shadow the nanny whose place I will be taking next Tuesday.  I’m really excited about my new nanny family!  The kids are 5-year-old boy-girl twins, and they are so much fun!

So I shadowed the nanny for an hour and was home by 9.  (I have to go back at 4pm.)

Then I cut up peppers & onions, made a homemade fajita seasoning mix and dumped it all in the crockpot with frozen chicken breasts.  So lunch is cooking.

Then I made zucchini & raisin muffins for breakfast, which actually turned out quite well.  I made up the recipe, so I never really know if my concoctions will work or not!

And then I had breakfast.

So here it is only 10:30am, and I have already exercised, went to work, prepared lunch, baked muffins, ate breakfast, and posted on my blog.

Oh if every day could be this productive!  Let’s see if I can make that happen!

Do you find that you feel more prepared to take on the day when you wake up early?

Keeping It Interesting

I’m finding it’s easier to say no to junk food and to not even really crave it when I look forward to making new recipes of really tasty food.  This week I’ve made some great food.  I never really follow recipes, but I’ve been writing them down so I can remember what I did for the next time.  I want to start organizing them on my blog so I can have them in one place and also share them with all of you.  Maybe one day I will get to that!

But a few of the things I made (all dairy, soy, & wheat free, by the way) this week are:

– Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

– Creamy Broccoli Soup with Potatoes, Bacon, & Caramelized Onions

– Turkey & Bean Chili

– Salmon with Ginger-Peach Salsa & Rice

– Pork & Potato Burritos with Homemade Corn Tortillas

Making new things keeps it exciting for me.  That’s one way I can stay on track with my eating!  How do you stay on track?

Day 22

I am officially smaller than I have been since middle school!  Yay!

223 pounds… It’s coming off slower than I wanted, but I’m just happy it’s coming off!     

Definition of Lazy

People keep telling me to stop beating myself up, to stop putting myself down, to stop saying I’m being lazy…

They keep telling me to be kind to myself, to look at how far I’ve come, to not give up…

I agree with all those statements, and I certainly appreciate everyone’s input and concern.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up. You shouldn’t call yourself names. You should be kind to yourself. And you should not give up on your goals. I agree.

But I honestly don’t understand how me calling myself out for not getting the work done that I should’ve completed and for saying that my actions are lazy isn’t me being kind to myself. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes a pat on the back and a “Good try” just doesn’t cut it. If I constantly excuse my behavior, how am I going to improve? Because if I excuse it, I’m just enabling myself to do it again. I’m not giving myself the chance to learn from it and do better.

Saying that I’m being lazy is just the truth. I’m not being mean to myself.

The definition of lazy is this: unwilling to work or use energy / characterized by lack of effort or activity / showing a lack of effort or care / slow-moving

Synonyms of lazy include: idle, slothful, negligent, inactive, sluggish, lethargic

I set a goal. I failed a goal. I realized my goal wasn’t going to work so I decided to at least finish out the goal as best as possible. But I haven’t been giving it my best. I’d been showing a lack of effort and care. So if I don’t start doing my best, I’m going to fail. The definition of to fail is this: to be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal.

I’m not even concerned about me not meeting my ‘under 200 by September 1st’ goal. I’m concerned with the fact that I’m not trying and doing my personal best. There’s a difference. I quickly realized that losing a pound a day wasn’t going to happen. That’s not the problem here.

I think it’s time to stop with the sugar coating, honestly. I’m not being mean to myself. I’m not putting myself down.

If I tried my hardest and truly did everything I could do and still didn’t meet my goal, that’s one thing. But if I didn’t meet my goal because I chose to sit on my butt and watch TV instead or because I knowingly and willingly slacked on my healthy eating, then I have no one to blame but myself.

Yes, I know that I’m only human and that I make mistakes. Yes, I know that calling myself names isn’t healthy. But I’m not calling myself names. I’m not saying “Laura, you’re such a lazy fat-ass who hasn’t accomplished anything. You suck!”

Calling myself out on being lazy and not reaching my goals is me owning up to my mistakes and naming them so I have a better chance at not doing them again.

Me calling my actions lazy and me failing to do my best is just the truth.

Maybe you don’t like those words. Maybe they both do have negative connotations in our society. But just relying solely on the definitions of these words here, I have indeed failed because I was lazy half of the time.

To me, at least, there’s no difference in saying “I failed because I was lazy” and in saying “I didn’t reach my goal because I wasn’t active enough with my workouts and diligent enough with my healthy eating.”

They both mean the same thing to me, and they both have the same outcomes to me. The second one is more specific, but it’s just a nicer, more sugar-coated way of saying the first.

I don’t hate myself. I love me. And I am committed to losing weight and being healthy and happy, and in a lot of ways I am healthy and happy already. And I know i’m going to do it. But I’m done sugar-coating things. I will be proud of myself when I know I gave it my all, but if I don’t do my best then I’m not going to be satisfied. It’s not like I’m saying, “I’m disappointed in myself even though I tried my hardest but failed anyway because I was lazy.”

And there are certainly times I am proud of myself. I’m proud of myself today because I know I did everything I could today to be happy and healthy. I’m drinking my water, I’m eating healthy, and I let myself workout hard enough.

I’m not mad at myself. I’m not beating myself up. I just refuse to be proud of myself when I didn’t try my best. I don’t expect to be perfect. I’m not even trying to be perfect. I don’t want to be perfect.

I am a positive but realistic person, at least I try to be. I can still be positive while calling my actions lazy. Maybe others don’t see it that way? I don’t know. All I know is I understand what I’m saying, and for the first time in my life, all I want is to do my best, not to break all the records and be perfect. I just want to do my best. And that’s what I’m trying to do. But not doing my best day after day is getting tiring.

So there’s the end of my rant. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s comments and concern for me. But I am doing fine. Don’t be worried that I’m saying I’m being lazy. It’s coming from a place of love and honestly I’m just choosing to use words that society has deemed “harmful” … but I don’t take it that way.

I think we can all agree that it’s important to do your best and give it your best shot. That’s all we can do, and that’s all I’m trying to do. 🙂