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May Goals….

April turned out decent. At one point, I had lost 8 pounds, but by the end of the month it was only 5. But a loss is a loss, right?

My body is definitely changing from all the running, yoga, and butt/leg exercises I’ve been doing.

And I’ve been drinking a little more water, though I really need to step it up with this one!

In April I started doing something each day that makes me happy, and I must say overall it’s making me generally more happy. It’s nice to focus on me and what I enjoy doing, even if it is just for a few minutes a day.

So my goals for May?

1. Seriously get this water thing down! Must. Drink. More.

2. Begin incorporating 4-mile runs into my schedule at least twice a week.

3. Continue doing something every single day that makes me happy.

4. Get my room organized. It’s a mess, and the boxes of papers and piles of clothing are driving me crazy!

I’m hoping to lose 12 pounds this month, so we’ll see. That would get me back to where I was in August before I gained almost 20 pounds back (yikes!)….

No More Fooling Around…


I’m renaming this month.  As of now, it is No-Fooling-Around-April.

After having quite an unsuccessful winter and beginning to spring, it is past time I refocus and take care of myself.

For April, I have four goals:

1. Eat healthy, wholesome foods & drink enough water.

2. Get in at least 30 minutes of activity at least 6 times a week.

3. Blog daily to track my progress.

4. Do something every day that makes me happy.

Honestly, this should be easy enough to do.  I’m not giving up.  Eventually, I will be at a healthy weight.  I just need to learn to enjoy the process.  If I actually enjoy what I’m doing, it’s going to be a lot easier to stay on point.

Addition to September Goals…

5 pounds heavier this morning than I was yesterday morning.  Gotta love water & bloat weight!  I ate crappy yesterday, and now I feel super yucky.  I couldn’t even fall asleep last night I was so uncomfortable.  So we decided to add a new goal for September.

*Don’t eat wheat or dairy for September (except for maybe one time when we go to a music and art festival)

We generally stay away from wheat & dairy for the most part because of allergies and sensitivities, but even just having it once a week messes me up.  So I’m curious to see how I will feel if I stay completely away from it.  I think adding this to my September goals will also help me lose weight!

Just a Saturday Evening…

I’m getting semi-excited about September. I’m really confident that I can meet my goals this time!

With that said, I just finished a meal from KFC… don’t ask why, but I did. I don’t really feel bad about it because I had been craving it and used it as my cheat meal, but my stomach… oh my stomach. Fried foods just don’t work for me… at all!

My tastes and preferences are changing, so that’s good. The fried chicken (1 leg, 1 thigh) was super fatty and wasn’t so great, but the biscuits (2) and a small side of mac & cheese and mashed potatoes & gravy were really good! But overall, I probably would have enjoyed a nice piece of pan-fried salmon instead. Lesson learned 🙂

August Over Already?

September is almost here, which means my August goals are coming to an end.  I’ve been thinking of what goals I want to do for September.

I don’t think I’m going to do a goal of blogging every day this time.  I blew that goal out of the water, thankfully!  I literally don’t think I’ve ever done anything consistently for a month straight.  So goal accomplished.

Ben had a goal of writing TWO novels in August, and he is going to accomplish his goal!  I think that’s pretty amazing to be able to write that much in such a short amount of time.  And the writing is wonderful, too!  Hopefully he gets another published book out of it!

My goal of getting under 200 lbs is nowhere close to being completed, but it was unrealistic anyway.  So my September goal is going to involve more weight loss.  I’m still 22 lbs away from 200 lbs, which is much more than I would have liked, but it is what it is.

So for September, I’m not even going to try to lose the lbs.  I just want to get past my 100 lbs lost mark, which means I want to weigh at most 211 by October 1st.  That’s only about 11 lbs to lose, so I can do that!  I hope, at least.

I go back to work in September, and my schedule is going to be rather busy, so as long as I mindfully plan workouts and actually stick to it, then I will be fine.

So my September goals:

1. Weigh 211 by October 1st

2. Blog 3x a week

3. Drink at least 100 oz of water a day (I really need to drink more water.  I’m always parched at the end of the day!)

I’ve never set goals by the month and actually stuck by them the entire time.  I think it helps keep me focused, so hopefully September’s goals will all be accomplished!

How did your August goals turn out?

Maybe I am changing after all…

Change is hard.  I know I’m not the only one who struggles with changing bad habits.  I want to the best version of me that I can be, and it’s something I work on daily.  Little by little, I am changing for the better.

I know lots of people who believe that people never change, but I just don’t think it’s true.  Perhaps it’s more realistic because the majority of us never really change our ways, but I’m a little more hopeful than that.  People can change.  They just have to want it.  And even when they do want it, just because it’s wanted doesn’t mean it happens.  It’s hard.

But anyway.  Yesterday I was working on a ghostwriting project for a client, which took all of my afternoon.  In the morning, I worked on filling out my calendar for the next few months.  I should have worked out then, but I didn’t.

I do that a lot.  When I know I should be doing one thing but don’t want to do it, I will do something else that isn’t as important but still needs to be done.  I reason and compromise with myself, saying that at least I’m doing something when I’m really just avoiding doing what needs to be done.

Usually when I put off a task I end up not doing it all that day, or if I do it, I do it half-heartedly.

But not yesterday.  It was 9:30pm, and I still hadn’t exercised yet.  But I promised earlier in the day that I would.  The old me would have just gone to bed.  But that’s not what I did.

I worked out hard for 2 hours.  I was proud of myself for sticking to my word.  I’m working on this whole integrity thing!

I hate working out at night, but I did it anyway.

Maybe I am changing a little bit after all…

Jiggles are a good thing!


I saw this on Pinterest and it made me smile.  When I first started working out with Ben, I would always get so discouraged because all of my fat jiggled so much.  I would want to quit because I didn’t want to feel it (or hear it… those thighs can make loud slapping noises sometimes!).  I would use it as a reminder that I was fat.

But he always told me to use it as motivation, that every time I felt the jiggle to remember that it’s the fat coming off of me.

I still jiggle, but I can tell it’s a little less jiggling now.  And then it will be less… and less… and less….

So don’t worry about the jiggle.  Making it jiggle is going to make it disappear a lot faster!