Exercising is a Gift, not a Punishment


I don’t want to view exercise as a punishment because it’s not. I think that is primarily how I view it. “Oh, I ate a doughnut. I better go run that off.” While exercise obviously helps negate the extra calories, I don’t think you should exercise “just because” you ate something bad.

I want exercise to be about taking care of my body, about knowing my body and how it works, about loving myself, about confidence. Exercise is not a punishment. It’s a gift, something I can do for myself to reap all kinds of benefits. Exercise is worth it. I’m worth it.

If I view exercise as a punishment, I’m going to dread it even more. Because after all, who wants to be punished?

Anyway, just a thought I had while running today!

My weight is being so stubborn, and I let it discourage me and derail me for two days, but that’s not going to solve anything! Thankfully it was just a two-day sulk and not a two month one. I went for my 1.2 mile run today. I completed it in 14 minutes 7 seconds… 8 seconds faster than my best… so yay!

Yesterday I ran 2.4 miles, and I think I’m going to start running 2.4 a day from now on. I can do the 1.2 “easily” (not really, but my lungs can handle it so I can do more!).

Today I’m going to run another lap, do some toning exercises, and a bit of yoga!

Good news is that while the scale is barely moving, my butt is beginning to lift some already so that is super exciting to be able to notice a small difference in just a few weeks.

Whoever you are, wherever you are… just keep going. Do what makes you happy and do what keeps you healthy. You are worth it all. 🙂

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12 responses to “Exercising is a Gift, not a Punishment

  • fitmomautumn

    I like that view! So often I think “I have to get in my workout today” when I could be thinking “I get to workout today!!!” It really is a gift to be able to exercise your body and not everyone gets that gift. Great post!

  • bgddyjim

    I exercise SO I can eat something bad… Eating bad first is putting the cart before the horse. 😎

    Great post. I like your perspective.

  • 241lady

    I love your post! You are SO right!! I have been looking at exercise all wrong. It makes me think of Eli. He loves to play outside. He will run and run. I notice that he doesn’t act nearly as anxious when he’s playing outside verses when he has been inside all day. When we see our movement as FUN and not “exercise,” then we will be doing what we enjoy. I’ve always heard that and thought that it meant I should be swimming (I don’t have a pool). Instead, I need to just have fun moving. It’s like we have programmed ourselves to believe that if we don’t use a machine or a video, then we didn’t exercise. Bottom line is that we would be doing something every day that will elevate our heart rate or provide resistance to our muscles. Of course, perhaps workouts allow us to maximize the effect for the period of time, so it’s not so bad if you want to workout to “maximize the effect.” Maybe we would be more consistent if we just moved for fun and allowed whatever changes that will happen to happen. Considering we would move every day, we may experience more success than the stop and start of workout spurts in our life. Laura, I’m so glad I found your blog and met you. You’re a very dear friend. I’m going to have to find a way to meet you in person soon. Guess we need to get these webcams going too–no need to wait that long to get to speak face to face–virtually. 🙂

  • crystalboyett23

    I love this Laura! Your approach is so positive and encouraging! What a balanced way to look at it! I think this approach can, and should, apply to every area in life! Thank you for sharing!

  • littlemoreeachday

    Running can be really great for butt lifting. 🙂 Great perspective!

  • lifeisfullofsunnydays

    I don’t love exercise but I view it as a means to an end. If I want to not jiggle I have to move. And when my body feels good, I find the exercise so worth it.

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