I got used to blogging…

Well it’s September 1st, and I wasn’t going to blog today, but it just feels weird now not to blog, especially when I’m just wasting time online anyway!

My job starts tomorrow, and I just wanted one last day of doing nothing.  So that’s what I did.

Tomorrow I have work, and I have to take my car to get inspected to see how much it’s going to cost to get it fixed.  A guy opened his car door when I was driving down the road, and now my side mirror is completely ripped off, the door is dented, scratched, and the paint rubbed off, and the window is even messed up.  So hopefully it all goes well!

I’m getting really excited for September.  I’m trying to stay positive, as there are so many bad, depressing things all around us.  It’s hard not to get caught up in the stress, anxiety, and sadness.  So I’m trying to stay hopeful and think about all the things I’m looking forward to.  Such as…

1. Starting a new stable job.  I will get to take care of some fun 6 year olds who seem really well behaved, adorable, and sweet!  Also this job will allow me enough time to either work other part time jobs or focus on finding editing/proofreading work.

2. Ben and I are going to visit my family at the end of the month.  They all live in Indiana, and I don’t get to see them too often, so visits are always great!

3. Ben and I are going to a music and art festival later this month.  We will probably pick some apples while we’re there, too.  I love doing things like this.

4. I’m looking forward to getting into a new routine and being successful in my weight loss goals!

5. It’s almost Fall, and I absolutely adore the Fall.  The colors, smells, temperature, festivals, holidays, my birthday! (I’ll be 28 in October.  Hoping 28 is better than 27!)

So I’m choosing to focus on the positive.



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