Evaluating my goals for the day…

My weight is slowly going down from my food choices over the weekend.  It’s getting really annoying to eat so well and then mess it up just from one day, because then I just feel like I’m playing catch up all week long.  I’m going to figure out something different so it doesn’t keep happening, but i”m sure just severely limiting the wheat will make a huge difference!


My goals for September are:

*Workout at least 6 days/week

*Drink at least 110 oz of water/day

*Blog 3x/week

*Avoid wheat & dairy


As far as my goals, I did exercise this morning before work, so that’s good.

My granola bar for breakfast had wheat in it, and I wasn’t thinking about it when I ate it.  So there went my goal of not having wheat today.  But I succeeded with the dairy part.  (That’s the easier of the two to avoid!)

So far for my water intake, I’ve had 50 oz, so I really need to drink at least that much again to meet the goal for the day.

This is my second time blogging this week, so that’s good.

So I could have done a little better, but not too bad.  I’ll get in a good rhythm soon!

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4 responses to “Evaluating my goals for the day…

  • 241lady

    That is the attitude I had to adopt to work into my new plan. When you have a good rhythm going, adding a new step can throw you off your game. You’ll get it! You’re not too far from eating Whole30. Be sure you’re getting enough protein for breakfast. Chris Powell says it needs to be high carb/protein. I do my green shake in the morning, and I am ready to go! Breakfast and mornings have ALWAYS been a problem for me. Now, my clock goes off at 5:30 every morning. Now to start adding some exercise in the morning. That’s going to be a tough one for me.

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      You can do the exercise part! It’s just taking that first step that is the hardest… then it’s good! I hardly ever eat protein for breakfast it seems, unless I’m eating eggs. I used to put an egg in my oatmeal. Maybe I could start doing that again. Thanks!

      • 241lady

        Yeah, I used to never eat breakfast at all (maybe my post stated that, I can’t remember). I can tell a HUGE difference in the way I feel. HUGE!! I had my green smoothie, over 2 fists full of spinach, banana, whey 25 g in protein (low carb version) and unsweetened almond milk! singing….AWESOME!! Then I biked 2.6 miles in I think 24 minutes. I feel GREAT! (for some reason I just heard Tony the Tiger in my head)

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