Handling Setbacks



I’m not doing as well as I would like to be doing, but I’m still moving forward.  The fact that I haven’t completely given up means at least something to me.  Maybe I’m still “failing” because I haven’t met my goals, but I’m not quitting.  I will get there.

I haven’t been as active as I should be these last few days, but I’m getting back on track now.  It’d be nice if I never had setbacks or if I at least got back on track faster after a setback, but I’m just not there yet.  I should be, but I’m not.

I’ve set hundred of goals over the years that I have failed.  It would make sense if I never believed another word that came out of my mouth regarding my weight loss, and it wouldn’t surprise me if those around me don’t believe in me.  But I’m hopeful enough to not give up on myself, because if I give up on me, then I’m done and being healthy and happy is hopeless.  I can’t do that.  I won’t do that.


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12 responses to “Handling Setbacks

  • beachbodycolleen

    What types of goals are you setting for yourself? I wrote about this on my blog – maybe you need to rethink your approach to goal setting? https://beingyourchange.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/setting-smart-goals/

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      My goals were to blog every day in August (which I’ve done so far!) and to get under 200 pounds (which I could have done if I focused more and took it more seriously). I read your post about setting goals. It was great! My goals were SMART for sure… I just didn’t meet them.

  • littlessloula

    We are in exactly the same place and I have been thinking the same thoughts. Hang in there and keep going!

    On the subject of goals, definitely follow beachbodycolleen’s advice about SMART goals. However one thing I have found that helps me stay on track is breaking them down. It’s fine to say I want to weigh 121lbs and write a novel (two of mine and they are SMART defined in my goals list, promise) but often your brain can’t process something which seems so far away and unobtainable. It can’t see a path from here to there unless you apply some direction. So instead I have broken my goals down into teeny tiny steps. This is part of why I have 3 “goals” for the week on my blog, they are my next action steps for my weight loss goals. I also have daily goals which I mark off in my journal (Drink 2 litres of water, walk 10K steps, write a journal about the food I’ve eaten and the exercise I’ve done) as the weight loss isn’t really under our control, whereas the steps we take to facilitate it are.

    I also have a chart to keep me motivated on my lounge wall on which I cross off my weight as I go down and also I have a reward chart next to it, showing my next reward for my next milestone. The idea is to keep it fresh in my head and also to try to focus on the whole of the journey rather than just the scale.

    Hopefully that helped, if you needed help and if you just needed a rant, I’m listening 🙂

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      Thanks for the detailed comment! I appreciate it! I’m actually pretty smart at setting goals and breaking them down is a great point! I do break them down. My problem is just downright laziness and not getting them done. So that’s what I need to work on. 🙂

      • littlessloula

        I don’t think it’s laziness that caused you not to meet your weight loss goal. Life and our complicated relationships with ourselves and food is more likely. Don’t be so hard on yourself though, you are only human and the world is not exactly geared towards healthy eating so it is hard work! You blogged all the way through August so be proud of that and think about how to improve your chances of success on your weight loss instead of beating yourself up. Be kind to yourself, lady! You are awesome and you can definitely do it.

  • bgddyjim

    Look, here’s the deal. Some of us (I am one) need the drill Seargant “get off you a$$ and get ‘er done, son” mentality. That works. In your case maybe substitute “chicky” or “señora” for son.

    One thing you will RARELY see in print or hear come out of my lips is “fail”. If anything, I’d recommend you banish that word from your vocabulary. Failure is permanent, not reaching a goal simply means you did not try hard enough or you set too lofty a goal. In this case, a blog post a day and 30 pounds in a month (especially the latter – I write a post a day and am the CEO of a multi-million dollar construction company, a post a day isn’t a big deal).

    Hey, I’m onto something here… A post a day is really easy. 30 pounds in a month is REALLY hard. I’m going to put my shrink cap down and let you mull that one over. Think about it.

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t see anything wrong in saying I failed something if I actually failed it, but I see what you are saying. And you are right — losing 30 pounds in 30 days is really hard! Once I realized it was too lofty of a goal, I decided to try to lose 15-20 instead. So we will see 🙂

  • The Weight of My World

    Moving forward counts since you are letting a few step backs hold you back. You can do it…. don’t forget to celebrate what you have accomplished!

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