Summer is Almost Over… :(

I start my new job in a few weeks. I have to admit, it’s been ridiculously amazing not having to work this summer, but my bank account will thank me for working again!

This summer I’ve been able to focus more on losing weight, but with work starting back up, I need to make a plan of action so I don’t fail. It will be harder to work out, and it will be more tempting to eat unhealthier foods because I won’t be at home in my healthy food bubble all day long.

But I can do it. I just have to plan for it!

I still don’t know my exact schedule because I’m looking to add a few more hours with other families (I’m a nanny.), so I’m not quite sure when I will have time to exercise. But I will definitely be finding the time. I’m liking my success and know that there’s no reason to make excuses not to work out. I want to keep losing weight. And I’m determined to do it!

So my plan? I don’t know completely, but here’s what I have so far:
-I bought a lunch bag and ice packs so I can take my breakfast, lunch, snacks with me.
-I’m going to pre-make my lunches for the week so I can easily have access to healthy foods at any given time. I’m still working on ideas for that, but I know they will include veggies with bean/chicken with either quinoa, rice, or pasta, salads or raw veggies with grilled chicken or salmon and homemade salsas, veggies with hummus, fresh fruit, homemade oatmeal muffins, boiled eggs, and on and on…
-I also have a water bottle that I carry with me everywhere, so I can still easily get my water.
-I just need to figure out when I’m working out. I could always wake up at 5:30am and workout before work, but I honestly don’t see that happening! Depending on what other work I get, I may have several hours in the middle of the day to work out, but if not, I guess it will be in the evenings and on the weekends.

How do all you busy, working people find time to work out? I would also love to hear about anything that works for you regarding packing healthy lunches and also time management.

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