Who Needs Sleep? This Girl!

I slept until 10:30… I must have been sleepy!  I went to bed a little late, and then I was awake for a few hours early morning.  I’m happy I fell back to sleep.  I hate waking up so late because now half my day is over and I’ve done nothing.  

Well, I’ve had breakfast and I have chocolate banana muffins in the oven, and I’m posting on here, but my day is half over now.  Oh well.  Sleep is more important!  I truly, really, seriously, completely love sleep.  

I typically sleep around 9 hours a night, and if I get anything less than 7, I’m not as productive.  

I’ve literally noticed a difference in my workouts and my eating habits if I don’t get enough sleep, not to mention my mood, too!  

So what about you?  How much sleep do you get?  Have you ever noticed how your sleeping influences the rest of your day?



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