Setting myself up for failure… again… again… again… again……….

I’ve posted 11 days in a row!  That’s pretty impressive.

My weight loss goal isn’t going so great.  I’m no where close to meeting my goal of being under 200 pounds by September 1st.  I’m pretty disappointed in myself, but mostly I’m honestly just trying to ignore that I’ve failed and pretend that it doesn’t matter.  But it does matter.  

Part of me just wants to finish the month well and be okay with the fact that I didn’t meet my goal… because I at least lost something, right?

But another part of me is just pissed off that I failed yet another goal.  Granted, it was a lofty goal, but I still could have and should have crushed it.

I’m just not happy with myself.  It doesn’t matter how much weight I’ve lost.  I just feel like I have a problem that goes deeper than my weight loss problem.  I continuously settle for less than what I deserve.  I hardly ever try my hardest, and when I do try my hardest, I act as if that allows me to be lazy for a few days because I earned it.  And so my hard work is fruitless.  

I’m so annoying.

Why am I so lazy and unmotivated, and why do I make countless excuses for my behaviors?  Why can’t I just change and finally accomplish something I set out to accomplish?

Anyone know how to fix me?  

Yeah, I know, I’m the only one who can do it.  I just don’t know how.


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6 responses to “Setting myself up for failure… again… again… again… again……….

  • lazygirlgetsfit1

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! I am the same way, I get into a rut and just can’t get myself out sometimes. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial LOL- that’s why I take Zija products. They have a pill called Burn that boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite, gives you tons of energy without a ‘crash’, and improves your mood. If you want more info you can email me at lazygirlgetsfit (at) gmail (dot) com and I would be happy to send you a sample!

  • lovingmyselftofit

    Oh my gosh, you have NOT failed. Even writing down your thoughts and truths here is major success. I truly believe when it comes to losing weight / getting healthy / getting fit, you have to celebrate the little victories! The more we beat ourselves up, the more depressed we become and the more we turn to food. It is ALL a process, and you are moving in the right direction, (even if it doesn’t always feel like it or look how you think it should.) All we have is TODAY. So what are you going to do for yourself that is healthy, today? I think the trick is learning to love ourselves, (no matter what). Try not to beat yourself up for the short comings, and allow yourself the opportunity to start your day over whenever you want or need. You can do this. You ARE doing this.

  • cderco

    I have been doing Insanity by beachbody and I have been steady at the same weight that I started at. My BMI has changed, but I have decided not to let my weight rule me. If I feel good about myself, I do not feel like I need to get on the scale. However, I have a large group of friends for a support system. We bring new people in all of the time. Maybe you need support! is my facebook page. I have a challenge group starting next Monday and we have pre-season this week. Maybe you just need a little more motivation!! I need to become more consistent with blogging myself, however, I post on facebook A LOT, message me on facebook if you would like some information! 🙂

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