bad eating days = bigger numbers on the scale

I didn’t watch what I ate yesterday, which I think is fine to do every once in awhile.  And as long as you don’t freak out by what the scale says the next morning, then all will be well.

I am the queen of holding onto water.  I’m 3 pounds heavier today than I was yesterday, which would usually (and sometimes still does) get me down.  But I know the extra weight is just water and poop.  I didn’t eat enough yesterday to gain a pound of fat, so I’m not worried.


Here’s what I ate yesterday in case you are wondering:

Breakfast – 1 serving corn flakes with 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

Lunch – 1/2 serving of salted french fries, 1/2 plain hot dog, 8 oz apple cider slushie, 1/2 soft pretzel, 1/2 of a delicious S’more cookie, 1/2 of an even more delicious chocolate chip cookie, 1/2 snickerdoodle cookie, 1/2 oreo chunk cookie (Ben and I went to a Peach Festival and had fun sharing food!)

Snack – 1/2 oatmeal raisin cookie, 1/2 snickerdoodle cookie (I went a little overboard with the cookies today, i know!) All in all, I only actually had 3 cookies.

Dinner – 1/2 chicken patty with lettuce & tomato on a kaiser roll, 1 serving barbecue chips, genoa salami/ham on a kaiser roll with pickles, banana peppers, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, & a little mayo, 6oz sparkling apple cinnamon cider


I didn’t drink enough water, and I had way too much sodium (chips, pretzel, salami/ham, sandwich toppings, etc).  Add on the fact that I shouldn’t even eat wheat because I have a sensitivity to it and it bloats me and binds me up (and I had a lot of it!), and it’s no surprise that I’m 3 pounds heavier.

But it’s okay.  Having a day where I can eat what I’m craving keeps me in line for the rest of the days where I’m eating only healthy foods.  This works for me.  I know it doesn’t work for everyone, though.  If I ate like this all the time I would feel guilty but because I incorporate it into my week and plan for it, I don’t feel guilty at all.  In fact, it makes me feel better prepared to keep going with the weight loss.

What works for you?  Have you found “cheat” meals helpful or sabotaging?

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6 responses to “bad eating days = bigger numbers on the scale

  • 241lady

    According to Chris Powell of Extreme Weight Loss, we need a “free” day to break up the routine that our body gets used to. As I was reading your list, I was like, WOW…THAT’S A LOT OF COOKIES, then I saw you were at a festival and was like, ohhhh, ok. That makes sense. LOL…I had a picture of you running around your house freaking out looking for cookies in a carb frenzy. 🙂 Don’t sweat it. Don’t repeat it soon, but don’t sweat it. hehehe. Are you able to eat sweets without craving them again after having them? I have a problem with sugar. I would be totally off track if I tried that.

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      Haha, definitely not running around the house looking for stuff. Thankfully we have almost no sugary foods in the house. I can eat the sweets and be fine. Usually the day after I want it still but then I’m fine as long as I ignore it.

  • littlemoreeachday

    I always have a temporary gain after I eat anything sugary too. Good job keeping it in perspective! Those pounds will be back off before you know it.

  • cderco

    I have been told that if you eat less calories that you burn, then you should lose weight… I am in the same boat as you dear, I have even been having a deficit in calories, and I still cannot lose weight. I have lost 10 pounds over the past 3 months, however, I am stuck in a rut!! lol

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