Choosing Pain…


I don’t like pain of any kind.  Not that anyone really does, but I have a very low tolerance for pain for the most part.  I think I’m finally seeing that hurting from exercising is much more preferable than hurting for the rest of my life from being obese.  

I don’t belong in this fat.  It’s not who I am.  But the good news is that I’m not stuck there anymore.  It hurts, but it’s oh so worth it.

Down another 1/2 pound from yesterday.  Yes!

I would also like to point out that I have posted a blog 8 days in a row!  Feels good to actually be sticking to my goals.  I’m not quite sure that I’m going to be under 200 pounds by September 1st, but I don’t even care honestly.  I will get there, and focusing so intently this month is going to help me in all sorts of ways!

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9 responses to “Choosing Pain…

  • StrongerBeings

    Good luck 🙂 and u r absolutely right. The temporary pain of exercise will never be more than the pain that obesity will cause.

    I wish u luck in this noble journey. It will be difficult but from my experience, I can honestly say it will be one of the most worthwhile one u ever endeavour upon.

  • bgddyjim

    It only hurts for a while and you will get used to it before long… Trust me.

    In the not-too-distant future, after you’ve been required to take a few days off, you’ll come to find sitting still actually hurts a lot more than being active. Just hang in there and don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens.

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      The more I progress, the easier it is to do what was hard before. But once that happens, I just push myself more by running faster or longer (for example). So it always hurts lol. But I definitely know what you are saying! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    • 241lady

      Totally true! My body hurts when I stand after sitting for hours at work. I’ve noticed just from beginning my exercise, the next day I didn’t hurt nearly as bad.

  • 241lady

    Pain wasn’t really my obstacle. Discomfort was. What I had to realize was that I am “uncomfortable” in this better than 2 times a woman than I should be. Now THAT is discomfort!! I want what I feel when I exercise to be the new “comfort.” Good for you for your achievements to this point. I currently weigh close to where you started I’m around 308 as of my last weigh in. Monday is the next weigh in. I started at over 330 lbs, so I’ve lost a little more than 20 lbs so far. I celebrate with every fat cell I empty. 🙂 Look at it as– pain is a reminder of the incredible woman you are building!

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