Now Is The Time I Usually Quit

I didn’t like what I saw on the scale today:  228

Yesterday I was 228.5, but a few days ago I was 226.

I’m just waiting for it to go down again.  I know it fluctuates, and I told myself I wouldn’t freak about it and just keep going no matter what.

But honestly now is about the time I usually quit.  I get discouraged with my weight pretty easily.  Thank God for Ben knocking some sense into me this morning.  I saw my weight and crawled back into bed, annoyed and disheartened.

He told me to get up and go exercise.  To go harder.  To keep going.  To do better.

I almost fought him on the last point.  Better?  Really?

Yeah, really.

The first few days of the month I was working out a lot and really hard, but the last few days I have been working out a lot but at a really lazy pace.  He was right.

I agreed with him and got on the elliptical and went hard for 60 minutes.  When I was done, my totals were the same as when I do 90 minutes.  That’s pretty bad.  He was so completely right.

I think I’ve exercised so much that it doesn’t matter if I do 4 lazy hours.  I have to push my body and get my heart rate up.  I have to do better.

I will get there.  This is a life change, so it doesn’t all have to be immediate anyway.  I can do this.  I will do this.  I AM doing this.


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21 responses to “Now Is The Time I Usually Quit

  • deannhyns

    Maybe you should start weighing yourself once a week? Sometimes avoiding the scale is more productive than weighing yourself.

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      I thought about that. That’s what I usually used to do. The scale discourages me, but I want to gage how each day (my food & exercise) influences my weight. I might have to try that again, though, if it keeps discouraging me. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • 241lady

      I started a weight loss group on FB, and that is what we do. We all weigh on Monday mornings and post our weight. Women in particular have weight changes most related to hormones and water retention. Same day, same time, same scale is best. Unless you can wait a month, and it would kill me to wait that long. Besides, if I wasn’t eating well (which I am not thanks to my Whole30 experience-see more on my blog), I could actually gain quite a bit in a month and not have a chance to correct it quickly. Don’t fret. And I have a problem with this too, so….drink lots of water!

  • obesetwentysomething

    Big respect for you admitting too that. I always just feel sorry for myself and don’t take ownership. I would have killed Ben probably. But also don’t be too hard on yourself. You CAN do this, I know because you ARE doing it. Just keep doing what you’re doing. One step infront of the other. One day after the other. That’s the only way.

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      Thanks for the support! Yeah, Ben does not sugar coat things when it comes to my weight, and that’s one reason I love him. That’s what I need. I can be pretty hard on myself sometimes. I guess it’s just finding the balance between being too hard on myself and actually doing my best. If I’m not doing my best, then I need to be hard on myself. The problem comes when I actually am doing my best, and I’m still hard on myself. I’ll get there! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  • littlemoreeachday

    I definitely have to be careful about getting on the scale every day because it can make me crazy (but it so hard to resist!). Just keep doing the right things and know that you’re doing good for yourself, no matter what that number says!

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