Finding Beauty Amongst the Trash


Two little girls were riding their bikes one morning while I was running.  We were sharing a paved trail which used to be train tracks that went through my hometown in rural Indiana.  It was particularly beautiful on this morning, as it was early June and trees, shrubs, and flowers were on either side of the trail.  Beyond the side of the trail, cornfields and wooded areas.  It was early in the morning, so the sunlight was poking through the trees, creating the most beautiful display of light and shadow.  Birds were singing, and chipmunks and squirrels were in search of food, running in front of me and up random tree branches.  It was a beautiful day, and I certainly needed to be reminded of beauty.

It was the morning before my grandma’s funeral, so naturally I was feeling down and a little uninspired.

But these two little girls lifted my spirit and flooded my soul with hope.  And they had no idea their actions would ever do such a thing.

The older of the two, probably around 8 years old, hopped off her bike and began to pick the wildflowers on the side of the trail.  I was happy to see her do this as it brought back warm memories of my own childhood when I would do the same and give them to my mother to place in a glass on the kitchen window sill.  I was also happy that she was picking the flowers because they were just going to die soon anyway.

While the oldest was happily skipping and choosing the most beautiful flowers, her sister was on the other side of the trail picking up trash, candy wrappers and chip bags and empty plastic bottles.  There wasn’t a lot of trash, but there was certainly enough to notice it, so I was thankful that such a young little girl was cleaning up what someone who was no doubt much older left behind.

Here are two little girls.  One picking flowers to share  beauty, and one picking trash to show beauty.

How refreshing and what a great reminder for us.  Be on the lookout for beauty in this world because it’s there.  Sometimes we have to clean something up first for it to be beautiful so others can enjoy it, and sometimes we just need to look past the trash and share the beauty that’s already there.

Make something better or share what’s already there, because beauty is all around us.

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