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Oh The Places You’ll Go With Mango & Avocado!

2014-04-28 13.47.07

I love to cook, and I especially love to cook when I can make things quickly and in advance with just a few ingredients, which is what I did this weekend.  This time around, mango and avocado were my main ingredients, and I had to use them because they were about to spoil.

I boiled a dozen eggs.

*Tip: Boiled eggs are easier to peel when they aren’t super fresh, so I buy 2 dozen at a time and boil the second dozen the following week or so.

I took a few eggs and made avocado deviled eggs, which are really easy and fast to make!  Instead of mayo, I used half of an avocado, and I also used only 4 of the egg yolks instead of the 6 yolks to cut down on the fat and calories some.  I blended them together with some salt and pepper and a little lemon juice and then dusted the filled eggs with paprika.  I just spooned the filling in the eggs, but sometimes I pipe the filling if I want them to look extra pretty.

The other boiled eggs will be eaten as snacks or with breakfast the rest of the week.

2014-04-28 13.47.34

With the other half of the avocado, I made an avocado and mango salsa. I also made homemade corn tortilla chips that aren’t pictured here.  Super easy!

The salsa ingredients & directions:

1. Mash 1/2 avocado with a few splashes of lemon (or lime) juice

2. Dice jalapenos (however hot you like it), one tomato, 1/4 of a red onion, and 1/2 of a mango

3. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and mix all together

The corn tortilla chip ingredients & directions:

1. Cut corn tortillas into 6ths or 4ths and brush each side with olive oil (I only used 1 tablespoon for all of the chips.)

2. Bake in a 325 degree oven for 10-12 minutes.

They were a little too crunchy, but I’m guessing if I only baked them for 10 minutes instead of 12 they would’ve been perfect!

2014-04-28 13.47.56

With the other half of the mango, I just cut it up and put it away for a smoothie later that weekend.

Lastly, I made a simple chicken salad that had nothing to do with avocados or mangoes.  However, I’m guessing a chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo, and using bits of mango mixed in would be rather tasty, too!

Anyway, I just mixed together:

shredded chicken breast (a 2.5 serving-sized can) or you could use fresh chicken breast!

with 1 tablespoon of safflower mayo (or regular) (It’s a bit more dry than a typical chicken salad, but it really cuts down on the calories.

1 cup of sliced grapes,

and 1/4 cup of diced red onion (the same onion from the salsa).

I added salt, pepper, and celery salt.  Sorry, I don’t really measure anything so I’m not positive on the amounts of spices.  I eat mine with gluten free table crackers, but it’d be equally good with spinach or on bread.

2014-04-28 13.47.40I never really added up the calories for each recipe, but I know all of them were low-calorie & delicious!

What do you enjoy cooking that is easy and healthy?  Or what kinds of ingredients do you like to use for several different recipes at a time?  I’d love to hear from you!!

Being Fat Makes Me Do Stupid Things…

All my life I’ve had too much fat on my body, and all my life I’ve allowed that to significantly influence almost every decision I’ve made. When I was a teenager, I made a list of things I don’t do because of my weight.  I came up with 80 different things.


Over the years I’ve slowly been crossing some of the items off the list–either because I now do it or because I realized how stupid it was for it to ever be on there in the first place.

Some examples…

I wouldn’t…

jump on trampolines with my friends, swim or go to the beach, sit in lawn chairs because I was afraid I would break them or get stuck…

I couldn’t…

sit on the ground because I didn’t want people watching me try to get up, run or do any kind of physical activity…

I didn’t…

go to a single dance at school (not even prom), have a boyfriend, date…

I didn’t…

wear tank tops, bathing suits, shorts, or even capris.  I used to never wear dresses.

And I know how ridiculous that sounds.

But I created and believed these lies that I couldn’t do these things because of my fat.   But things are changing.

Now, I wear dresses all the time, and I love them.  I love them even more, I think, because they symbolize that I’m making progress.  That I’m learning to stop being so hard on myself.  That maybe, just maybe, my fatness doesn’t have to define who I am anymore.  Just because I have fat doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful or deserving.  And that is such a freeing feeling.

It’s important to mention that I never really held anyone else up to the standards I had for myself, which should have been a hint to me that many of the things on my list were completely irrational and unnecessary and disrespectful.

I’m tired of disrespecting myself.

But nevertheless, I limited myself, and it crippled me.

I’m tired of being crippled, especially by my own hands.

I still have a list of things I don’t do because of my weight, but it’s getting much smaller, and I’m looking forward to continue the process of crossing them off one by one.

It’s time I stop allowing my fat to cripple me.  It’s time I stop making excuses and just go for what I want and deserve in life.

What are some things you’ve denied yourself because you felt like you didn’t deserve them?  How did you overcome it?  I’d love for you to share your thoughts, struggles, success stories with me.


Playing Hide-and-Seek with Motivation

Anyone who knows me knows how it’s hard for me stay motivated in any area of my life.  I have some theories as to why I can be so unmotivated sometimes, but in the end, all the theories are simply thought-out excuses.


I really don’t know why I’m so lazy.  I just know that I am lazy, and right now, that’s all I think I need to know.  Well, that and how to stop being so lazy.

These last few weeks I’ve switched gears in how I lose weight.  Looking back, the only time I ever lost weight (around 70 pounds so far) was when Ben was helping me.  I apparently can’t really do it on my own.  I need that outside motivation to help me because while I do want to be healthy and lose weight, I just can’t seem to do it on my own just yet.

I’ve lost weight this week, which is so exciting, and it’s because he is helping me.  He set up a plan for me — what to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, etc — and it’s working!  And the only time it doesn’t work is when I get in the way.

So far, he has exercised with me, which is really helpful because he keeps me going and tells me when I’m doing good and when I need to push harder.

Today I was on my own.  And I sucked.  I did considerably worse, and I could not figure out how to motivate myself to go harder.  This is a problem.  I absolutely have to figure out how to motivate myself.  For the time being, I’m going to have to rely on his motivation to keep me going, but I’m just hoping that I can figure it out soon.

I’m so thankful that he’s helping me and that he cares.  We all need people like that in our lives, don’t we?  Someone who is there to help you out when you just can’t seem to do it yourself.  Someone who believes in you and works through things with you.  Someone who supports but isn’t afraid to call you out on your faults and offer ways to improve.  I’m grateful.

One way or another, I’m going to find motivation from within.  It’s hiding somewhere.  Ready or not, here I come.Image