And just like that…

It’s amazing how quickly I can get out of routine.  Is anyone else like that?

I didn’t exercise Saturday because I wanted a rest day, and then my rest day rolled over into Sunday too… and maybe Monday as well.

How does that happen to me every time?  I take a day off, and I end up taking much more than I should.  I’m annoyed.

So this morning I knew I wasn’t going to be able to workout until after dinner, and I hate waiting until the end of the day to exercise.  So I exercised before work at 5:15am… something I never do.

I should really start working out early in the morning more often, but I know myself well enough to know that I won’t keep up with that!

What I have decided to do, however, is to try to be active every day.  I don’t think rest days are for me because I don’t know how to take only one day off.  So on days where I should have a “rest”, I think I should still do 15 minutes of cardio or something, just so I don’t get out of routine.

Anyone else have trouble with rest days or just sticking to routines in general?  What works for you?  What doesn’t work for you?  I’d love some suggestions on how to form a habit and make it stick!


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16 responses to “And just like that…

  • bejamin4

    Maybe just one rest day. Or maybe you should get someone to push you, no, just to keep you on track?

  • Soup Guru

    I totally understand you, I’m very bad at keeping routines in general, not only with training… The only thing that works for me since I cannot help interrupting them is try not to punish myself for it and start all over again, like you did early today, I know it sounds like a cliche but is really one day at the time! And also be forgiving with yourself!

  • StayJay Fitness

    A rest day could include something as simple as a 15-minute walk. I like the idea of active rest, personally. It shouldn’t be too strenuous, though. Just enough to make you feel like you did something! But I do know what it’s like to feel off track. My true workout time is 5am – 6am at my gym. My 2-year-old is asleep, my husband is home, and it’s just my time. It’s still a challenging routine, especially this winter. Not at all easy, but always worth it. Hang in there, Laura!

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      Thanks for your comment! I think active rest is a great way to put it, and a great idea too. I think that’s what I’m going to have to do, even if it is a 15 minute walk. I’ve gone to the gym a few times around 6am, and surprisingly, once I’m there it’s totally worth it because it’s usually packed full of people and you forget it’s so early! It’s just the getting there part that screws me up! Good on you for sticking to your routine!!

  • lsmall08

    Hey Laura,

    I’m sorry this will be a long comment! Pardon me gabbling on…

    This is something that is difficult for me too. I have always been troubled by my weight and been told by society and medical practitioners that I am overweight. When routines come to play, they can be make or break when it comes to exercise motivation.

    From my experience, setting up a routine that you ‘think’ you should be doing is fine for some people but can lead to obsession and constantly beating yourself up if you miss a session (believe me, i’ve been through hell with this!). And inevitably that happens… A better way, as I have discovered for myself, is to do as you have done; make your overall life more active and busy but with things that are providing you with other benefits too, like walking is exercise but gets you out in the fresh air and is also relaxing/ martial arts is very intense exercise but you don’t focus on that so much as perfecting technique and progressing through your belts/learning self defence is the bigger goal.

    Another thing I find useful is instead of strictly sticking to a routine set out, is to listen to your body and provide it with what it needs at given times. For example, some days, I feel a bit stiff so instead of doing my weights work out that day, I’ll do some swimming or pilates instead to stretch and mobalise me.

    Also, make your exercise varied and exciting. The gym is brilliant, don’t get me wrong but it should’nt be the only timr you get any form of exercise. Monotony is the biggest reason we fall out of a ‘routine’, and a harsh routine is why we end up punishing ourselves rather than loving and encouring ourselves.

    If you havn’t already discovered it, there is a blog written by a lady personal trainer called ‘Nia Shanks’. Her blog is brilliant and offers a very refreshing view of how to exercise. Her way of thinking has honestly worked wonders for me and it’s so much better for your mentle well being and self esteem.

    Again, I’m sorry for the stupidly long comment but I sympathise greatly.

    Don’t give up and love yourself!


    • Laura-is-Inspired

      Thank you so much for the comment. I am looking into doing more variety with my workouts, because you’re right that it will help! Also, I will check out that blog! Thanks so much for the encouragement and taking the time to comment 🙂

  • 1 guy

    Happens to me too. I find that if I commit to exercising in the morning (I know, I hate it too), nothing else gets in my way. Nobody is calling me at 5:00 am. Nobody wants anything from me at that time of the morning, no distractions. Then, when I’m done, I’m done. Whatever else happens the rest of the day, I’ve got my workout in. Really the only close to sure way to make it happen. I hate getting up and I hate the drive there, but once I get there, I’m so glad I came. Good luck!

    • Laura-is-Inspired

      You are so right. If it’s done in the morning, then I don’t have to think about it! I typically go to work at 6:30am, but I come home from 8:30-11:30 before going to work again, and I usually workout at 8:30 when I get home. It usually works for me. I’ve thought about getting up at 5:30 and working out. So we’ll see 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  • aschlady

    With rest days I try to do something low key at the time I normally work-out. Try out a long walk, housecleaning (can burn lots of calories), light yoga, or an activity like recreational swimming. This way even though you are doing something I think you’re still resting your body for the most part but you have a place-card of sorts that keeps your habit going.

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