Grumpy but Strong!

I’m going to a baby shower tomorrow.  This always seems to happen.  I recommit to eating healthy and no junk and then a special occasion comes up.  Generally, I just use this as an excuse to eat crap anyway.  But even I have to admit that these special occasions just never stop coming.  If it’s not a baby shower, it’s a birthday, and if it’s not a birthday, it’s Valentine’s Day or some other holiday.  It never ends.  And that doesn’t even include when people bring in food at work or when you just want something sweet for no reason at all.  It’s all around me, all the time.

I’m tired of caving in all the time.  It makes me feel weak.  So I’ve decided this time I don’t care that it’s a special occasion… I’m not going to gorge myself with foods that are going to get me further away from my goal.  It’s not worth it.  This time I’m going to be strong… grumpy because I want to eat the desserts… but strong.  Hopefully the grumpiness goes away, and if it doesn’t, then oh well.  I will just deal with that, too!



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