10 things about me…

Hello and welcome to my blog!  So I kind of have two “About Me” pages, but the other one is simply about my story and not about me collectively.  Just wanted to share a few things so you can get a better idea of what makes me, me…

1. 32 years old

2. Master’s Degree in Publishing & Editing (and I’m putting this degree to use by starting up an online editing business)

3. Love yoga

4. Want to learn how to knit so bad, but for the life of me, I cannot figure it out

5. Love to cook but hate to clean (so one-pot meals are my specialty!)

6. Big Bang Theory & Seinfeld are two of the greatest shows ever created

7. Love to be outside (unless it’s super cold, then no thank you)

8. Am obsessed with Pinterest (Here’s my profile if you are interested!)

9. Go to bed embarrassingly early most nights

10. Love things that are simple, honest, real, natural…

Other places you can find me online:  Instagram


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